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Attorney Defender Starting Over

After a few years of barely blogging, Attorney Defender is back. The site started in 2010, and it went strong for a several years. Keeping the site updated slowed down as I switched firms and dealt with other things life throws at you. Now, it is time to keep the site going strong again. So I have removed the old posts, and will start anew beginning with this post. Articles of general interest will re-appear over time.

With a cool new logo drawn by a fantasy fiction writer, artist, and engineering student, Attorney Defender is here to keep you updated on specific issues that arise out of Georgia case law, and general issues of interest for the legal profession.

I am a partner at the regional law firm of Bovis Kyle Burch & Medlin. I call the Atlanta, Georgia office home, though I regularly handle or am responsible for lawyer liability claims or coverage matters throughout the southeast. I am licensed in Georgia,  Kentucky and Texas.

Although I have a broad litigation practice history, my practice has developed into a specialty of defending attorneys in various claims of liability and defending attorneys in bar complaints, as well as other professional liability, representing insurance carriers in coverage disputes, declaratory judgments, and bad faith litigation, and handling claims for excess insurers. For a more complete overview of my practice history, go to my bio at the BKBM web-site.

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This blog is focused on lawyer liability claims and insurance coverage issues. Although I will discuss national cases and trends, my focus will be on Georgia law. There will soon be a sister-site focused on coverage issues.

This blog is devoted to the issues that affect attorneys. This is the site for attorneys to visit to keep abreast of trends in attorney liability and ethics issues in Georgia. My goal is to make this blog interesting and interactive, with participation by my firm’s deep roster of outstanding professional liability attorneys¬†as well as other leading attorneys, insurance providers and other related professionals in the state.

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