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Tough Issues


Lots of ethics issues can be tough to figure out.

Grey areas are real and can be complicated, and the answer can be important to your client or your business.

This story from Oklahoma is not about one of those grey areas.

My advice is unequivocal and simple:  don’t send your client pictures of your genitals.


SuperLawyers Abound

Bovis Kyle Burch & Medlin, LLC had 7 SuperLawyers and 2 Rising Stars for 2015.

In the area of professional liability, Kim M. Jackson was a SuperLawyer and Billy Davis was a Rising Star.


Great ethics and professionalism seminar today

Special thanks to David Lefkowitz of The Lefkowitz Firm for putting on a great seminar at the State Bar of Georgia this morning.

Kim M. Jackson joined the initial panel of the morning, along with Hon. Herbert E. Phipps, Presiding Judge, Georgia Court of Appeals; Hon. Christopher S. Brasher, Judge, Superior Court of Fulton County; and Jonathan W. Hewett, Senior Assistant General Counsel, State Bar of Georgia.

The hypotheticals were interesting, and great panelists and interesting and relevant topics continued all day.  If you need ethics hours, professionalism hours, or any hours because it is March, this is a great seminar each year.


Better Call An Ethics Attorney coming

Due to my trial in Floyd County last week, I am 2 weeks behind on my Better Call Saul summaries.
I will catch up this weekend.


Professional and Ethical Dilemmas

Kim M. Jackson will be joining a panel of Hon. Herbert E. Phipps, Presiding Judge, Georgia Court of Appeals; Hon. Christopher S. Brasher, Judge, Superior Court of Fulton County; and Jonathan W. Hewett, Senior Assistant General Counsel, State Bar of Georgia in the March 26, 2015, Professional and Ethical Dilemmas CLE at the State Bar of Georgia.  The event consists of four different panel discussions of various ethical and professional scenarios.  The entire program is moderated by David Lefkowitz of The Lefkowitz Firm, one of the premier legal malpractice plaintiff’s attorneys in Georgia.

Don’t miss it.


Excuses and delays

Dealing with, or even asking for, deadline extensions can be a tricky issue.  Everyone (nearly) finds themselves in the position to need one at times.  And the generous can begin to feel like they are being taken advantage of.

One lawyer in Washington D.C. missed an extended deadline due to a series of events.  He spares no embarrassment in explaining what happened. The brief reads like a sit-com script.

The ABA Journal has a summary of the story although the summary and commentary on the ABA source, from Above the Law, is much more entertaining.

To summarize, the attorney needs to respond to a summary judgment motion.

But he gets gout and pneumonia.  This leads to some unusual cocktails of drugs, which leads to an inability to get the response done.

The drugs lead to a “severe gastrointestinal disturbance.”

Enter Alvin the Cat.  Rather, exit Alvin the Cat – he died – apparently stuck in a closet for about a week.

This leads to a burial, a funeral, and conversations about life and death with his (six?) children.  It went something like this:

Followed by another gout attack from the burial process. Followed by a close friend’s sudden need for counseling regarding his divorce, perhaps instigated by the spirited life and death discussion about Alvin.

Followed by a scanner issue.

Followed by a late brief and show cause order.

Followed by the unwanted publicity about it all.  Good luck, Mr. Founier.


better call an ethics attorney – s1e3 – Nacho

As a general rule, I avoid shows that focus on lawyers. I guess I prefer to watch shows that totally distort how other people do their jobs. But I am making an exception with a new show, Better Call Saul. My exception is admittedly because it is a spin off, with the same writers and directors, as Breaking Bad, what I consider the best show ever on TV.

But I figured if I were going to watch the show, I could probably find lots of ethical issue to discuss. So I began blogging each episode of Better Call Saul.  See my comments on prior episodes:  Premier – S1E2

Episode 3 is called Nacho:

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