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Magna Carta Found in a, found in, Sandwich, England

The English city of Sandwich has discovered the 7th known original of the 1300 Magna Carta.

MMMMMM … Sandwich!

The document was found in a scrapbook.  So get out all those scrapbooking tools you had and put away when you started taking all your pictures digitally. Although not in perfect condition, the document is estimated to be worth around $15,000,000US.

This has nothing to do with the normal subject matter of the blog.

It is just pretty cool.


Judicial resignation also subject of JQC Complaint

Of course I am angry. This wig looks horrible and smells.

Cobb County’s chief magistrate judge resigned on February 28.  According to his sudden resignation notice, it was for health reasons.

Since the initial reports in the Fulton County Daily Report, it has come to light that the judge was the focus of complaints with the Georgia Judicial Qualifications Commission.  The complaints appear focused more on demeanor than issues such as corruption.  Additional information can be found in this ABA article.

I had never been before this judge, so I cannot speak to the substance of the allegations outlined in the article.  As a general statement, practicing law is stressful enough for litigators, even more stressful for the lay people participating as parties and witnesses, without having to deal with an abusive judge.  Judicial temperament is an important part of the being a good judge – this is probably the primary professionalism issue for Judges.  When lawyers talk about judges, this is a primary point of discussion.

Regardless of his actual temperament, Attorney Defender hopes that the judge gets the type of health care he needs.


The Duty to Remove Angry Ghosts

Slimer has issued an angry, unequivocal denial of any involvement. “Why am I investigated in every paranormal event? Do I look like an angry ghost?”

Does a lawyer’s duty to his client include protection from angry ghosts roaming the halls of the law firm?  This ethical question has haunted lawyers for hundreds of years.

The issue has been raised as a result of allegations by an injured client at a Santiago, Chile law firm.

The story, reported by multiple sources, including the Daily Mail.  You can see the video there and judge the event for yourself.

According to the story, the victim now fears that the ghost is out to get her.  She has a ghost stalker.

No news yet on whether there will be litigation.  If there is, should it be a premises liability claim or a breach of fiduciary duty?

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