Douglas Chandler Starts Relevant LinkedIn Group

Douglas Chandler has recently gone solo and has started a Linked In group called Attorney Ethics and Professional Liability.  Douglas (I can shoot a gnat in the butt at a 100 yards) Chandler is an outstanding attorney in the professional liability arena, roots for Auburn and is a Navy man. 

Douglas contemplates a tough ethical question during his Navy days.

Here is a description of the group:

Areas of discussion will include:

 Ethical practices and professional responsibility

  • State Bar grievances
  • Attorney disciplinary proceedings
  • Professional liability

In this era of social media, it is beneficial to reach out and leverage the knowledge, experience and insight of our peers to stay informed on such important topics. We will discuss ideas, concerns, experiences and common questions like: 

  • What should we do to protect our reputations?
  • How do we make the correct decisions today to positively impact our practices and help us stay clear of conflicts? 
  • In the event that we were faced with an issue, what are the best practices and correct steps?

Network, learn, and share your experiences regarding these matters. Please keep in mind that this closed group is limited to attorneys as well as non-attorney individuals who work in the industry. 

Douglas has some good discussions started here and here.  If you are a linked in person that practices in this area, this is an obvious group to join.

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