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Abusive Litigation Seminar 2011 – HPTY Provides Two Speakers Again

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One of the best litigation seminars offered by the State Bar of Georgia is the Abusive Litigation seminar held each year in early February.  This year it will be on February 4 at the State Bar of Georgia.

As with each of the last eight years, the speakers will include Christine L. Mast and Kim M. Jackson of Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young, LLP. 

Christine Mast will speak about motions for attorney fees pursuant to OCGA 9-15-14.

Kim Jackson will speak about claims made for attorney fees and additional damages for the tort of abusive litigation pursuant to OCGA 51-7-80 et seq.

Other subjects include invaluable information about OCGA 13-6-11, OCGA 9-11-68, the type of evidence necessary to recover attorney fees under any law in Georgia, and the types of sanctions available for frivolous appeals.  The seminar does not cover attorney fees recoveries in the family law context.

This seminar is valuable to all civil litigators, especially those outside of the family law arena.

Kim Jackson Cleans Up The Mess

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