David Lefkowitz’s Client Service Advice – Part II

Last week began a series written by Georgia legal malpractice attorney David Lefkowitz of The Lefkowitz Firm, LLC.  David’s practice includes representing clients in claims against attorneys.  This post is part of an article he recently wrote for the Georgia legal community in the Fulton County Daily Report (subscription required for most links).

Communicate – by David Lefkowitz

David is the one with the red Georgia shirt and red hat.

Remember that time you weren’t feeling well, you went to the doctor, and she performed some blood work? Remember how anxious you were to receive the results from the doctor or someone from her office? I submit to you that the legal matter you are handling for your client is just as important to the client as your test results were for you. Many of us are busy and struggle to find the time to return calls promptly. But clients want to know that you are focusing on their matter and that it is important to you.

Returning calls as soon as possible is an important way to let your clients know that you really do care about their issues. It’s the functional equivalent of a good bedside manner. Not all clients sue for malpractice when things go wrong. Some choose to forgive. They believe the relationship they have with their attorney is more important than the money they would recover in a suit. Your clients won’t go through that balancing process (sue or forgive) if you haven’t been treating them well throughout the representation.


For a similar discussion, see How To Ruin Your Malpractice Insurer’s Day – V.  Join us next week for Part III of the David Lefkowitz series.

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