How To Ruin Your Malpractice Insurer’s Day – IV

Ben Stein - A Man To Take Seriously

This post is the fourth based upon a series of books written by former Nixon speech writer and lawyer Ben Stein.  His series of books are called “How to Ruin Your _________.”  In his series, the “blank” could be your “Life,” your “Love Life,” or your “Financial Life.  

Ben Stein reasons that “failure is a virtual road map to success in reverse.”  For example, his first nugget of anti-wisdom in his how to ruin your love life book is to assume that your wishes are all that matters in any situation.  The roadmap to success may not be as clear as the one to ruin, but both maps are useful.  

By avoiding Ben Stein’s advice, you may not be a great success, but you will probably do pretty well.       

By following my advice in this post, a legal malpractice action is just 30 days away.    

Sue your clients for your fees: You tried really hard but lost that case. Now the ungrateful client won’t pay the bill. Undoubtedly you should sue your client to get paid. He would never think of counterclaiming for legal malpractice and claim that you lost the case because of your negligence. That would just be rude.  

* * * *  

The best practice is to get paid up front when possible. Otherwise, keep your client current. When a client gets behind, demand payment or get out before the situation becomes worse.  If your client gets so far behind that you need to sue for those fees, you need to have a better plan next time.  There is no quicker way to get a malpractice claim than to sue a client for attorneys’ fees.

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