How To Ruin Your Malpractice Insurer’s Day – II

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This post is the second post based upon a series of books written by author, occasional TV host, and actor Ben Stein.  His series of books are called “How to Ruin Your _________.”  In his series, the “blank” could be your “Life,” your “Love Life,” or your “Financial Life.” 

 Ben Stein reasons that “failure is a virtual road map to success in reverse.” He advises such nuggets of anti-wisdom in his financial life book that you forget about tomorrow.  Financial ruin is just days away.    

By doing the opposite of the advice given, perhaps success will come your way.   

By following this advice, you too can count on an eventual legal malpractice claim to report to your carrier.   

Take any type of legal problem that walks in the door:  The client is an elderly, wealthy nun with an estate planning issue. You have never done estate planning and cannot even identify the tax issues that a wealthy, spouseless client might have. One thing is certain, though – the client seems nice. What could go wrong?   

Your neighbor has been hit by a tractor-trailer and is severally injured. The doctor may have committed malpractice during the surgery to repair some of the damages. Your neighbors want your help. You have done nothing but close residential real estate loans in your three years of law practice and have never spoken to a judge during court. This is the perfect opportunity to score a major case and retire.   

* * * *   

Dabbling in areas in which you are not familiar is a great way to increase the risk of a claim. Branching out requires either a mentor or partner that already knows the area or a dedication to learning the new area of the law. If you are typically a focused attorney branching out into many new areas due to tough economic times, you may not be able to adequately learn all of the new law you are practicing. This makes your practice much riskier for malpractice.

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